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Face Mask, One Side Navy Blue / Other Side Black (Adjustable Size!)

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Brand: Emma and Theo

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Emma and Theo face mask is designed and handmade in Estonia. The masks have three layers of fabric. Fabric 1: 100% cotton; Fabric 2: 97% cotton; 3% elastane. There are two different sizes: M for children and L for adults. Adjustable size. Please be sure to follow the instructions of the Consumer Protection and Technical Surveillance Authority when wearing a homemade mask: 1. The mask must be properly in front of the face so that the mouth and nose are covered. 2. It must be comfortable to breathe through the mask. 3. The mask must not be wet. The damp mask must be replaced every 2-3 hours, depending on the selected material. With continuous use, it takes about 4-5 masks a day on average. 4. Once the mask has been pulled over the chin, adjusted by hand, touched, or wet, the mask must be replaced. 5. After use, the masks should be collected in a closed plastic bag, placed directly in the washing machine or disposed of in a rubbish bin. 6. If the mask is used repeatedly, the mask must be washed in a washing machine at least 60 degrees after use and then ironed or placed in an oven at 60 degrees.

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