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How to choose a suit for a boy?

How to choose a suit for a boy?

How to choose a suit for a boy?

Which material is the best for me?

Boys' suits can be made of very different materials. Everyone should find the right one from our selection.

Cotton fabric is natural and certainly the most affordable. Elastane is also added to our cotton suit fabric, which makes the material slightly stretchy and therefore more comfortable to wear.

A wool suit is more exclusive. We use fine wool materials for our suits, which are thinner than ordinary wool fabric and do not make the skin itchy. If you want a material that is natural but does not wrinkle, then wool is the best choice. Certainly, wool suit is not intended to be worn only during the winter. Woollen fabrics come in very different thicknesses. Even if is suggested to use woollen products during the colder period, then there are also very airy fine wool fabrics that are suitable for use during the summer. Woollen fabric breath well and does not make you sweat. But if you do sweat due to very hot weather then wool absorbs this moisture and leaves the child's skin feeling dry.

Linen fabric suit is a very nice option - pants and shirts can also be worn daily in summer. If you are going to warmer place for holiday, I do recommend linen knee pants as well. Add a bow tie and a vest to your knee pants and the result is especially chic. Linen products are especially suitable for summer because the material feels cool while you wear it. Linen helps to protect against the negative effects of the sun, while allowing you to enjoy the positive side of it. Should the child sweat, the linen material dries very quickly.

Synthetic fibres are often added to natural materials. This adds durability to the fabric and is easy to maintain. As a rule, the synthetic material does not wrinkle much.


What size clothes for a child to choose?

The sizes of our products are in ranges. If the child is currently, 128cm tall, then we have designed our clothes so that the size of 122/128 is nicely suitable now. Clothes 128/134, however, have room for growth.

Often parents are asking me, what size suit should I buy for my child? I want the child to be able to wear clothes for longer time. If the child is currently 128cm tall, then I recommend buying products size 128/134. In theory, the child should then be able to wear these for almost a whole year. Average child grows one size (6cm) a year. From time to time, children tend to make growth spurts. In our climate it is often the case during the summer period.

If we talk about trousers, then you should make sure that the is sufficient margin for the length of the trouser leg.  If a child grows 6 cm (this is one size number), the length of the leg increases by an average of 3.5 cm and the waist circumference increases by 2 cm. If you buy bigger trousers then you can initially adjust the waist with a built-in stretchable rubber adjuster or wear a belt. If the leg part is a little long at the beginning, it can be temporarily rolled up.

When your kid grows out of the trousers then you can wear those as kneepans!


Is it a vest, a jacket or both?

A vest is definitely a good choice for a growing child. As the arms and legs grow the fastest, there is no risk of the sleeves becoming short as the child grows. However, the body part does not grow so fast. the usable life span of the vest is longer than that of the jacket. And the vest is cheaper.

When buying a jacket for a child, I would recommend it in a more casual style. In the case of a festive suit jacket, there is a risk that it will be worn at a festive event and then it will simply stand in the closet. In our child's wardrobe, the jacket is used throughout the summer. We use it every day on cooler summer days and evenings, for example, instead of a sweatshirt or sweater.

If it is an indoor event, the child may become hot with a jacket. Then, a vest is a more pleasant choice for a child. However, if you are also moving outdoors and in cooler weather, a jacket is a good choice. If the child is wearing a vest indoors, then when moving outdoors, a jacket is also an ideal solution.


Shirt selection

A white shirt is always a good and classic choice. For many of our shirts, we have designed sleeve ends and a collar heel in a different colour fabric.

This is for several reasons:

1) It just looks awesome. This is especially cool if you still have a bow tie made of the same fabric.

2) If you want to wear the blouse for a longer time, you can initially roll up the sleeves and the effect-coloured sleeve ends of the other colour will be visible. This is intentional and I don't feel like I bought my t-shirt too big.

3) The collar and the inside of the sleeve ends are the ones that get dirty the fastest. You don't have to worry about replacing the white fabric with another fabric of a different colour.

4) If the dress code is specially official and polite (for example, at a school ceremony) and the coloured sleeve ends and collar are not an option, you can simply turn the sleeves back down and close the top button of the shirt. It is now a completely ordinary white T-shirt.


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If you have questions, feel free to let us know and we will try to help you as much as we can!


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