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Which hat to choose?

Which hat to choose?

Which hat to choose?

When weather is still  warm and you don't want to wear a hat, but you still want your ears to be protected from the wind, then there is an ideal product for women and girls - a headband. We have headbands in many different colors and patterns.  Choose your favourite and wear it as an accessory.

However, if the weather is getting colder, cotton hats and scarves are ideal. You will find many colorful patterns in our selection. And what's especially nice is that they're all easy to machine wash.

If your child goes to kindergarten and she/he is not always under your watchful eye, then as a your heart will definitely be calm if the child has a balaclava to wear. The kid’s neck and ears are beautifully covered and even in the most active gameplay. This is why our two children have always worn balaclavas in kindergarten. Compared to hat and scarf there is one less thing to go missing  or placed in a stranger's closet in kindergarten. Our own son also prefers a balaclava even in primary scoolclasses, because he always has to go outside just so fast and one piece scarf/hat is much faster to put on. If to use scarf or hat separately then in our house for some reason, the hat or scarf is ALWAYS missing from the closet.

You can wear our Balaclavas inside out. The original idea came purely out of our personal need.

In the morning you look the weather and decide what clothes your baby should wear. However, if the temperature changes quickly, it sometimes happens that the clothes chosen in the morning turn out to be too warm during the day. This is how you discover for a moment that the child's head is wet. I have then turned the children's hat inside out so that there is a dry cloth against the child's head. To make the child look nice with the hat turned inside out we thought about it in product design process. Specially designed hat was born.

This hat is much more fun to the kid. Two different fabric designs will let you choose the right look for today’s mood. As if buying two hats instead of one. And as a parent, you are happy too, because you have only paid for one hat.

Our balaclavas have gone through serious design and testing process. Our kids’ feedback has helped us to come out user friendly and nice-looking product.

Our family really enjoys outdoor sports together. We often ride bicycles, roller skates or go mountain skiing, where wearing helmets is an important security precaution.  Emma and Theos balaclava is the perfect hat under the helmet. The design of balaclava is meant to be as simple as possible (without unnecessary seams) so it is comfortabel to wear even uder the helmet.  If the cold wind blows in your face, you can comfortably pull the scarf part in front of your mouth and nose.

Wearing separate scarf and hat leaves a possibility that your ear or neck may be cold. For this reason, our children are always wearing balaclavas in kindergarten.  Mom’s feel safe when kids are warm.

Which hat in which temperatuure range to wear?

Our cotton hats, scarves and balaclavas are made of double layer soft cotton fabric. Our hats are suitable for wearing at temperatures of +5 to +15 degrees. But be sure to consider the specifics of your child - some children love warmth more than others. And be sure to observe other weather conditions as well - if, for example, cold and strong winds, then even a double cotton hat with a temperature of +5 degrees can remain cold.

Which size to choose?

Don't buy a hat that is too big for your child. Otherwise, it will spin in your head and your ear or neck may start to creep out. If you buy a hat of the right size, you can wear it for quite a long time, because our hats are made of soft and stretchy fabric. The growth rate of a child's head is already slow enough after the first year of life, so that you will most likely be able to wear one hat for more than one season.

100% designed and manufactured in Estonia.

We are constantly seeing that many Estonian companies are moving their production out of Estonia. At the same time, the advertisements use the message "Estonian company", "Estonian product" or "Estonian design". If you want to buy a product that is actually made in Estonia, make sure that the product has the label "Made in Estonia".

It is important for us that Estonia and it’s people do well and we want to offer jobs to the people of Estonia. Yes, production in Estonia is more expensive than in many other countries. We have worked hard for this and we can proudly say that to this day all our clothes are made in Estonia by Estonian workers.

Enjoy the fresh air and outdoor workout


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