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Good qualities of merino wool

Good qualities of merino wool

Good qualities of merino wool

I really like woolen material because of all its good qualities. Unfortunately, some people do not prefer wool clothes because they cause itching. That's how I got to merino wool. Merino wool is supersoft. Merino wool fibers are very thin and flexible, which makes you feel soft and comfortable. Many who cannot wear other wool products because they cause itching can use merino wool very well.

What are the good qualities of merino wool.

Another good feature of merino wool is its fluid absorption capability. Even if it's wet the product does not feeli wet against the skin. The moisture is held within the fibers, which allows the fibers’ surfaces remain dry.

Sweat is actually odor-less! Unpleasant odors start when bacteria start to break down the sweat. Artificial fibers (such as polyester) have a very flat structure, in which sweat and bacteria can easily implant themselves.  Merino wool has a scaly surface, which makes it nearly impossible for bacteria to embed itself. 

Merino wool has a self-cleaning effect. Merino wool fibers are made of two different types of cells, which constantly rub against each other. Through the rubbing process, the fibers are very effective at cleaning themselves.

Many people are afraid of natural materials because they tend to wrinkle. This is not the case with   wool and woolen fabrics. And as wool is a natural fiber, it does not generate static electricity.

Most merino sheep live in Australia, New Zealand, South America and South Africa. This is also where we get our Merino wool.

 We care about the environment!  The fact that merino wool is a biodegradable and time-renewable fiber is also a very important to us.  

We have been using merino wool for almost 10 years for now. Based on our positive experience, we recommend it to you as well!


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