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Return of goods!

Return of goods!

If after receiving the goods it turns out that it is still not quite 100% suitable for you, you can return it to us within 14 days and it will be completely FREE of charge!

How to return?

1. Send us an e-mail to info@emmaandtheo.ee, where you should indicate your order number, the name of the customer and which products you want to return.

2. NB! Be sure to include your name and order number on the package so that we know from whom the package will come and to whom to return the money for the order.

3. To return a parcel, proceed according to the delivery method  which you used ordering the parcel:

Itella Smartpost blue parcel machine

Select "return package" on the screen and enter the same code with which the package was received at the machine.

Itella Smartpost white parcel machine

To complete the return, go to the self-service environment https://my.smartpost.ee/return_parcel/ and enter the barcode on the package. After following the instructions, you will receive a return code to your mobile phone, which you can use to return the package from the white machine within 24 hours.

Omniva parcel machine

Select "Return package" on the screen and enter the return code you received via SMS / e-mail when the package arrived.

DPD parcel machine

On the screen, select “Send parcel” - “Print parcel label with QR code or PIN code” - enter the PIN code you received from DPD by e-mail when you received the parcel - print the parcel label and paste it on the parcel - scan the barcode on the parcel label and put the parcel in the machine.



Products can be returned within 14 days of receipt.

The goods to be returned must be in their original packaging, labeled, clean and unused.