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Linen clothing. Why choose linen?

Linen clothing. Why choose linen?

Linen clothing. Why choose linen?

We love natural materials.

Linen textile is one of the oldest in the world. Its history dates back several thousand years. It is also a well-known and CONVENTIONAL material for us Estonians.

Linen fabric 100% natural - it is made of flax plant fibers.

This is certainly the biggest advantage over man-made fibers (such as polyester and polyamide). What exactly does this “man made” mean?  I researched the topic with grandma Tiina, a chemist in our family.

Polyamide and polyester fibers are made out of crude oil. Chemical procedures are used to turn the oil into fibers. Fibers are then used to make the fabric. Did you know that absolutely every material release particles that can accumulate and affect our body? Linen fabric made from flax plant fibers does not harm our body in any way. However, by constantly wearing clothes made of synthetic fabric, the particles released from it can damage the health of us or our future generations.

One good example is aluminum pots. Why don’t we use those anymore? Because it dissolves slowly and aluminum ends up in our bodies. If you cook for a lifetime in an aluminum pot, you are essentially "eating" a small pot during your life.

Ask yourself, do you prefer that the clothes you and your kids are wearing are made out of pure renewable nature such as linen fabric or non-renewable toxic oil (such as polyester and polyamide)?


Practicality of linen clothes

Linen fabric is used especially in summer because it is breathable and regulates the air movement around the body.

Compared to other materials, linen is a significantly more breathable material and feels cooler to wear. As a result, you sweat significantly less if you would wear linen than if you would wear cotton.

If the linen fabric gets wet, it absorbs sweat and moisture and the garment does not feel uncomfortable or wet when worn. Fun fact: linen dries very quickly.

Linen is a very strong and durable material. Therefore, it is worth investing in linen clothes. If you take good care of your linen clothes, they will last a long time.

Many people are "afraid" of linen because it wrinkles quite easily. Others love it and consider wrinkling to be the "magic" of linen fabric and an important part of its uniqueness.


Environmentally friendly material

Do you care about the environment around us? If yes, then it is good to know that natural fabrics are made from renewable resources. Flax grows very well even in poor conditions.  Another important fact is: significantly less water is needed to grow it than cotton.

However, if linen clothes have reached the end of their life, they do not generate any environmentally harmful waste. Linen is a biodegradable material.

So many beautiful, personal and unique clothes are made from linen. Enjoy them!


Emma and Theo